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Pool Noodle Activities

Pool Noodle Activities

Everywhere you look right now, summer is bursting at the seams to welcome us. Green grass, beautiful flowers, warming weather, and of course, stores across the country are now being packed with all the fun toys that come along with summer. Chalks, balls, squirt guns, and pool noodles abound!

This year I'm looking at my budget and these cheap pool noodles in a different light. I thought they'd be the perfect versatile (and budget friendly!) additions to some classroom learning.

Scouring Pinterest and thinking about sunshine I grabbed some of the best activities that use pool noodles for you!

Bonus: these can all be done indoors or outdoors!

Make Ten Math

A fun and hands on way for your learners to become familiar with adding to ten!

Pool Noodle Names

This pool noodle name activity helps with name recognition, and also consonant and vowel familiarity if you use two different color noodles.

Pool Noodle Marble Run

One of the most fun activities out there, if you ask me! The only downside is your students might not want to stop inventing when time's up.

Pool Noodle Word Rods

Highly customizable word rods! You can use them for CVC words, dipthongs, names, and more!

Fine Motor Pool Noodles and Pom Poms

Simple fine motor activities that are great for Kindergarten and Pre-K kids. Match, stack, lace, and sort things with pool noodles!

Rocket Flinger

I'm pretty sure you can discern from the picture how much absolute fun these STEM rocket flingers are going to be!

Pool Noodle Spin and Spell

Pair this with a recording sheet and you're good to go!

Letter Boat Matching

How adorable are these letter matching boats? 

AND you can make this indoor friendly with a bathtub (parents at home), water table, blue blanket, or sensory bins would all be wonderful ways to use this activity inside.

Pool Noodles and Shaving Cream STEAM

A little mess and a LOT of fun can be had with this creative STEAM activity.

Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

To me, this just screams end of the year project! Imagine how many laughs and smiles this pom pom shooter will get!

I hope this article got your noodle going with all the different ways these easy-to-find (and cheap!) pool noodles could work in your classroom!

Well, I'm off to hunt for pool noodles and pom poms! Enjoy your day!

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