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10 Clever Ways To Use Plastic Eggs With Your Kindergarten Students

10 Clever Ways To Use Plastic Eggs With Your Kindergarten Students

Plastic eggs -- not just for Easter baskets any more!

Or maybe your house was being overrun so you brought some into class with the intention of putting them to use, but you’ve had your hands a little full with all those lovely kiddos who are bouncing with energy after getting back from spring break!

Since you have enough going on, let me lighten your lesson plan with these 10 Clever Ways To Use Plastic Eggs With Your Kindergarten students.

Most of these activities don’t require many supplies, a lot of them will use things you already have, and your students are going to love all of them!

Plastic Egg Paintings

Why only color eggs once when you can use your plastic eggs again and again to create amazing circle art?

This is an easy and fun exercise for your students get creative and talk about shapes. You could also have them create patterns with different colors or have them make circles in a line to create a caterpillar! A great activity to pair with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.


Egg Match and Coloring

Replicate the mismatched plastic eggs by tracing them, drawing a horizontal line, and coloring in the two sides!

This is a great activity for following instructions and working on fine motor skills. To make it easier for younger students you can outline the egg cards ahead of time and let them color the two sides.

Plastic Egg Submarines

Do they sink or float?

These plastic egg submarines from There’s Just One Mommy is a super fun STEM activity where kids get to see if their plastic eggs will sink or float based on what’s inside the egg.

You can use pom poms, beads, tiny figurines -- whatever fits inside your eggs!


Addition Number Family Eggs

Use the two separate sides of the eggs to create addition number sentences! After the egg hunt have your students write the problem and record their answers.

You can also switch it up with subtraction, multiplication, or division.

An eggcellent hands on math activity for little ones.



Get your whole class moving with Eggsercises! A cute and fun activity for the whole class to get the wiggles out.

Write inside an exercise like bunny hops, jumping jacks, hop on one foot, etc. The kids can take turns choosing eggs out of a basket to reveal the surprise exercise.


Emotion Tool Eggs

Use plastic eggs with mix and match faces to teach emotions to your pre-k and kindergarteners.

Draw happy eyes, a smile, a frown, a scowl, and twist the eggs to mix and match.

Let your students tell you if their eggs are happy, sad, mad, or worried!


Egg Races

For this STEM lesson involving a couple pieces of plastic rain gutter and eggs filled with a variety of materials your students can guess which egg will win the races!


Fine Motor Skill Matching Eggs

Match colorful pom poms to the same color egg halves with this fine motor skill activity. Your students will love using the chopsticks to squeeze the pom poms and drop them in!

You could also have your students use clothespins or tongs as a variation.


Egg Stacking

The STEM egg stacking challenge uses halves of the plastic eggs to create tall towers.

Who can build the tallest egg tower without it falling? What worked or didn’t work well?

A great exercise for critical thinking skills!

You could also use the egg halves to create patterns and have the students continue the patterns or create their own.



Easy Egg Shakers

Get musical with these simple plastic egg shakers from Pre-K Pages.

The only things you need for this activity are plastic eggs, hot glue/super glue, washi tape, and fillers of your choice. (A little rhythm doesn’t hurt either!)

See what kinds of sounds things like pony beads, rice, and coffee beans make with your students and then have them shake a long to their favorite songs!

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