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CLICK HERE to get your first month of printable activities for just $1.99
Father's Day Fun

Father's Day Fun

Don't forget about Dad as Father's Day rolls up on us!

It isn't just moms that love the heartwarming and handmade gifts kids bring home. Dads' enjoy a good card or craft, too. Don't forget the puns!

These cute crafts are sure to bring a smile to any dad (or dude!) in your kiddos' lives!

I love the donut crafts, and they are PERFECT for end of the year events like "Dudes and Donuts"


A sweet craft for a cool dad. Popsicle cards are sure to please!

Every dad is different! Show dad just what you love about him that makes him special with this adorable dad facts sheet.

For the grill master dads, this handprint grill is a cute craft that's sure to warm their hearts.

A bit more of a one-on-one project, but too cute to leave out. This personalized spatula will sweeten any cookout.


This letter has been all over the internet, and for good reason! Who wouldn't love a pat on the back, complete with edible compliments?

Why not treat dad to a tin of tokens? Something sweet and special to show dad you're thinking about him.

Easy, colorful, interactive? These handprint cards are perfect!

For dads that are out of this world, this space card is sure to be a hit!

I hope you found a keeper in these ideas or at least some inspiration. Dads play such an integral role in the lives of their children. Let's show them some love this Father's Day!


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