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4 Ways to Use 10 Frame POPS for Math

4 Ways to Use 10 Frame POPS for Math

The newest craze in the classroom is Pop Its!

Students love them, but how can we make them educational?

10 Frame POPS are excellent hands-on, visual learning tools for math. Here are four fun ways to incorporate Ten Frame Pop Its into your classroom! 

1. Make Math Hands-on and Differentiated

Our 10 Frame printable activities include number identification, counting, addition, and subtraction. Print the best activity for each student and hand them a 10 Frame Pop It. This hands-on tool allows students to work more independently at their own level with a manipulative they love!


2. Use Ten Frame POPS for Math Games

Students will love this small group math game (included in this 10-frame printable pack)! They work in pairs and each flip a card at the same time. They pop the number on their ten frame - highest number wins. Students can also flip two cards and add.  

You can also use the 10 Frame Pops Its in other games. Each student in the group can keep their own score on a ten frame. 


3. Scaffold Learning on Daily Math Assignments

Students need to learn math concretely before they can understand it in the abstract. Allow students to use Ten-Frame Pops on their daily math assignments. Watch their number sense increase as they use this multi-sensory tool to solve addition and subtraction problems.

4. Increase Fine Motor Skills

Ten Frame Pops are fun, but they can also increase your students' fine motor skills. Some teachers have their students sort colorful pop poms into the holes of the ten frame pops using their fingers or tweezers. For our younger kiddos, pom poms and 10 Frame Pop Its make sorting by color fun!


What is your favorite thing to do with 10 Frame Pop Its?  

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