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10 Winter Themed Directed Drawings For Kindergarten

10 Winter Themed Directed Drawings For Kindergarten

I love the winter time. I live in Michigan so while I have to dig myself out of the snow and try to remember to start my car in time to warm my windshield in the morning, I also get the pleasure of watching rosy cheeked kids playing in this magical white stuff.

I'm not sure if it's the holidays or the kids that really bring the magic for me, but I always get a strong urge to really ramp up the art projects in the wintertime. Snowflakes, penguins, reindeer, homemade ornaments, glitter (ready the hand-vac!), it's just so much fun!

We usually start directed drawings right around December so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you. 

Busy Kids, Happy Mom has the right idea with these adorable directed drawing reindeer! Your kinder class will "sleigh" on the art walls with these antler topped cuties.

There will be no shortage of cute smiles in your classroom with these happy little elves from Learning with Mrs. Parker.

Proud to be Primary has the cuuutest snowmen directed drawing to adorn your walls.

These simple star instructions are from Easy Peasy and Fun. Perfect for any Christmas trees or winter night skies!

These shape inspired Christmas trees from From the Pond are a nice low frustration tree for your kiddos to practice drawing.

Or, if that's too simple for some of your kids, you could try a more detailed version. Like this one, from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Oh, I mustn't forget about super cute gingerbread men, either! Plus, you'll be brightening another teacher's Christmas when you buy from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Can we just talk about this adorable Santa banner?! Learning in Spain's directed drawing for Santa is cute enough (I love the long simple beard for easy cutting!), but then she uses double sided wrapping paper to create this awesome banner, too!

Making real gingerbread houses can be incredibly messy. It's enough of a challenge to make one with just one or two kids, let alone a whole classroom. Art for Kids Hub has a great alternative with their directed drawing gingerbread house!

Couldn't be winter without drawing a few polar bears, either! Checkout this polar bear directed drawing from Art Projects For Kids.

Kindergarten Crate actually did a crate on arctic animals last year that was a huge hit. There was a directed drawing polar bear activity, arctic animal figurines, fake snow (it even got cold!), and lots of other stuff, too.

The kids loved it. And, look how flippin' cute their polar bears were!

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