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Get UNLMITED accesss to ALL our printable activities for just $7.99 / month
A Year Of Kindergarten Crate

A Year Of Kindergarten Crate

I am sure you are enjoying your summer break this year, teacher! I imagine after this past year of constant change, ups and downs, virtual AND in person... whew! It has been a ride and you deserve every ounce of relaxation that comes your way!

Unfortunately, we both know that teachers don't REALLY get the whole summer off. After all, who would plan our rooms, lesson plans, first day activities!?

Lucky for you, I can help you cross off some of your to do list for this upcoming year - and every month after.


With a membership to the subscription that Pre-k, Kinder, and First grade teachers are raving about!

Maybe you've heard of Kindergarten Crate before, but for whatever reason, you didn't pull the trigger. Maybe it wasn't the right time, not in the budget, or maybe you weren't sure just how Kindergarten Crate can help you gain more time to do the things you enjoy.

Well, I have grabbed some information on each and every Kindergarten Crate from the last year, and I am happy to share it all with you!

Let's talk a little bit about how Kindergarten Crate works to start. You can select your grade level, shirt size, and your plan (monthly, six months, or a year). Then every month a box full of goodies for you and your class arrives! The boxes go out the month before they are intended for use, too, so you have time to work them into your lessons.

Each box includes classroom supplies, ready-to-go worksheets, activities, and a teacher gift just for you! You deserve it!

The first crate we'll take a peek at is the Back To School crate from 2020, and from there we'll being our walk through a year of Kindergarten Crates.

August: Me and My Community

The back to school box for 2020 was themed: My Community and Me. The read aloud book is Riley Can Be Anything, and it came with all kinds of cool community helper aides to help your class learn about the different roles people play in their communities.

September: Fives Senses

For September Kindergarten Crate focused on the five senses with the book The Little Mouse, The Read Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear. This crate provided lots of senses themed items, worksheets, and even right down to the teacher gift with mouthwatering dip and devour chocolate.

October: STEAM Spiders


October gets a little spooky with National Geographic Spiders. Your class will love looking at the different types of spiders in this book! Complete with a cute and creepy spider craft, and activities to highlight the cool spider facts!

November: Fall Leaves in the Forest

As the wind blows in chilly temperatures and falling leaves Kindergarten Crate takes a look at the forest. There you'll find a Fall Ball for All, all about the woodland creatures and their habitats.

December: Gingerbread Pup

December brings a brand new gingerbread book: The Gingerbread Pup. This adorable take on The Gingerbread Man will delight your kiddos. Plus this box came with Play-Doh, and a Gingerbread Cookie Teacher Shirt. Perfect to sport before winter break on a casual Friday.

January: Snow Days

We love Pete the Cat! The books, the activities, and the show! For January Kindergarten Crate delivered Pete the Cat: Snow Daze, along with one of the most popular box items - instant snow! This gives students a chance to experience some snow sensory activities and science no matter what climate they live in.

February: Friendship and Donuts

Probably one of the CUTEST boxes from the past year has to be Arnie the Doughnut. Adorable donut mini erasers (huge class hit!), delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans, and the wonderful theme of kindness and donuts. This theme blended perfectly with February lesson plans!

March: Lucky Day Trickster Tales

My Lucky Day is a book about a pig and a wolf. Let your class decide who really had the lucky day at the end. The Math Stackers magnets and worksheets were a wonderful way to get hands on with math, and the Lucky Day Stickers are the perfect touch to student papers or planners.

April: Too Many Carrots

Stickers, gel pens, and a mask. These are some things that I am always in need of in my classroom! Okay, the mask was really just for the last year, but it was adorable, and such a nice addition to the box. This one also came with shake and spill cups and two sided counters! 


May: Jump into Summer

Jump into summer with Jabari Jumps! I really enjoy the colors of the world crayons that came with this box, and the magic sand will have your students easily entertained. Oh, and the liquid motion bubbler was mesmerizing! It's a great tool to help kids calm down and self regulate. Plus it's pretty to look at!

June: Last Days of School

Uh-oh! What would happened if you brought your pet dragon to the last day of school?! Don't Bring Your Dragon to the Last Day of School is a fun and silly book for the end of the year. The tangrams that came in this box are always a huge hit, too. You can never have too many!

July: Summer Stock Up Box

Start your back to school shopping the easy way with the Summer Stock Up Crate! Packed with supplies for your classroom, you'll get to spend more time poolside and less time in Target (for now) planning your year!

I hope you've enjoyed the Kindergarten Crate Yearly Tour! If you're interested in becoming a member of the Kindergarten Crate family checkout the website here.

Use the code YEAR at checkout to get 10% off your first order! If you order before July 10th, you'll be just in time for the Back to School Crate. Start your Kindergarten Crate adventure today!

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