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11 Earth Day Activities for Kindergarteners

11 Earth Day Activities for Kindergarteners

Children are our future, and we're leaving this planet to them. That's why I love Earth Day! An entire day, stretched into a unit (or maybe a month) all about how we can keep our planet safe, clean, and healthy for generations to come.

And who better to instill these values in other than our students? 

Here are some activities that will plant some seeds on how to take care of our planet in the minds of your kiddos:

The Kindergarten Connection wants to help your students think about what they can do for their planet with these awesome "I Can Help the Earth" writing prompts.

Looking for some ready to handout style worksheets? Tot Schooling has you covered with their Earth Day themed tracing.

Pocket of Preschool has outdone themselves with tons of Earth Day centers and activities for your classroom.

If you can't get outside to get messy try out this Earth Day sensory idea from Pre-K Pages.

Who doesn't love a fun snack? The perfect snack to sugar them up before recess!

Sweet Tooth Teaching has 10 Earth Day inspired freebies for you to inject into your lesson plans.

What can your students spy on this Earth Day eye spy activity from Simple Play Ideas?


These play dough earth mats will keep your kiddos entertained as they build water and land masses with their play dough. Mats courtesy of Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten.

Nice and easy "E is for Earth" tracing and writing sheet from Twisty Noodle to beef up your lessons?

These self solving puzzles from Fluffy Tots will be an Earth Day hit in with your class!

And because sometimes you just need a coloring sheet to toss to your kinders Carrots Are Orange has you covered with their Earth Day coloring sheets.

Our beautiful planet will continue to change hands as the years go on. It is up to use to leave it in the best condition we can, and to teach our kids to do the same.

That's why I absolutely love Kindergarten Crate. Kindergarten Crate comes loaded with activities, supplies, a read aloud book, and a gift for you (yes, you, teacher!) every month. 

With the ready to go activities, crafts, and ideas Kindergarten Crate takes some stress out of teaching and adds in a lot of fun! That's going to alleviate some of that teacher stress and enable you to be an even better version of yourself for you and your students.

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If you'd like to see a bit more of what Kindergarten Crate is about you can join the Kindergarten Crate Facebook Group for ideas, pictures of previous boxes, giveaways, and more!

I hope to see you there, and happy Earth Day!


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